The Perfectionist Bundle (woven labels, hang tags and care labels)

If you’re obsessive about details, then The Perfectionist bundle is for you. Lock down woven labels, hang tags, and care labels for your entire clothing line, all in one place.
Order now and get this bundle in hand in next 1.5 – 2.5 weeks

  • you will received selected quantity of labels and hang tags

    • (max file size 128 MB)
    • (max file size 128 MB)
    • (max file size 128 MB)
    • (max file size 128 MB)


Woven labels and hang tags alike allow you to show off your brand’s unique identity with tangible details. And hang tags do more than convey a message; they add instantly recognizable personality and brand identity to your product’s packaging.

To finalize your order of The Perfectionist bundle, indicate the dimensions of your woven labels up to 50mm in width and hang tags up to 90mm by 54mm. We even include the strings for the hang tags—you select black or white. Then, we’ll add in the care labels, at 40mm x 76mm. Just specify the material (either satin or silk) and save on the entire order.

When you select The Perfectionist bundle, you save up to $45 of three products’ wholesale prices. This is the perfect packaged deal that you don’t want to miss.

You will receive the following in this bundle :
– your selected quantity of woven labels
– your selected quantity of hang tags (with black or white string)
– your selected quantity of care labels (in matte or silky satin texture)