The Minimalist Bundle (woven labels and hang tags)

Meet your basic bundle: The Minimalist (woven labels and hang tags). This discounted package offers the essentials that you need to bring your designs to the market.
Order now and get this bundle in hand in next 1.5 – 2.5 weeks

  • you will received selected quantity of labels and hang tags

    • (max file size 128 MB)
    • (max file size 128 MB)
    • (max file size 128 MB)


Labels may be small, but they make a big impact. Showcase your brand’s name in a subtle yet fashionable way with individualized woven labels. Our woven labels seal each product with your brand’s name. Then, take the next step forward with on-brand hang tags. Unique hang tags do more than convey a message; they are tangible details that add personality and brand identity to your product’s packaging.

The Minimalist bundle lets you snag both key details for a very low price. Select personalized woven labels up to 50mm in width and hang tags as large as 90mm x 54mm. Choose from white or black strings for the hang tags. And take the wholesale price when you order the labels and hang tags together in this inclusive bundle.

We’ll have your bundle to you in no time. Then, your product will be ready to make a big impression. Clothing lines thrive off of what sets them apart from the crowd. Make sure you cover the most essential details with The Minimalist bundle. We’ve got you covered so that your customers can shine from head to toe and from label to tag. After all, it’s the little things that leave a big impression.

You will receive the following in this bundle :
– your selected quantity of woven labels
– your selected quantity of hang tags (with black or white string)


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