The Busy Bee Bundle (woven labels, hang tags, care labels, and size tags)

Ready to check off your entire to-do list? Save on woven labels, hang tags, care labels, and size tags when you order the complete Busy Bee bundle.

Order now and get this bundle in hand in next 1.5 – 2.5 weeks

  • you will received selected quantity of labels and hang tags

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    • (max file size 128 MB)


Here at Wovenlabelhk, we believe that the best gifts come in small packages. And at the busiest time of year, we like everything tied up neat, with a bow. That’s where The Busy Bee bundle comes to the rescue. This all-inclusive product set includes every detail you need to take your line to the next level.

Woven labels and hang tags alike allow you to show off your brand’s unique identity with tangible details. Add care labels to the mix, and you can ensure that your customers will be able to wear your brand’s clothing for seasons to come. And, of course, those little size indicators will help your customers find the perfect fit every time they shop your brand.

We know you’ve been busy creating. That’s why we want to take care of the little things—so that nothing slips between the cracks. When you place an order, you can specify the size of the woven labels, which can measure up to 50mm in width. Hang tags can be as large as 90mm by 54mm and include black or white string. (The color is up to you!) Care labels are a maximum of 40mm by 76mm and are available in satin or silk texture. Choose between black or white for size tags, with sizes from XXS to XXL and 1 to 24.

When you choose the Busy Bee bundle, you save up to $53 of each product’s original price. No small detail goes unnoticed, and you save big.

You will receive the following in this bundle :
– your selected quantity of woven labels
– your selected quantity of hang tags (with black or white string)
– your selected quantity of care labels (in matte or silky satin texture)
– your selected quantity of size tags (mix and match)