Sleepy Tribe

‘Sleepy Tribe was born via an instagram contest where I asked followers to name the first fabric from the collection. Sleepy Tribe took on a couple meanings for me, exhausted with a new baby in the home I knew what it was to be part of a sleepy tribe! I loved the idea of building a tribe of parents and littles. Building a community of motherhood and parenting but in an authentic, honest, and comical way. Because, lets be honest, motherhood is messy, scary, funny, exhausting AND beautiful. ‘ – SLEEPY TRIBE

Sleepy tribe has all the beautiful items that made with soft fabric for baby . What come lovely is that all of their products are hand made. We have followed their given design, get the center fold labels weaved and hang tags printed for their brand !

Brand/designer Sleepy Tribe
Product we’ve made for this brand center fold woven labels , hang tags
Instagram Sleepy_tribe