Little Spoon & co

”From my love of spooning this project was born. There are few things as delightful as a loving pup curled up to nap with you, or just curling up to nap ON you as you try to be productive… I want to enable people to share a little love with their four legged friends and have aimed to create something that is fashionable and practical for every day.” –  Little Spoon & co

This brand is slightly different than other brands in that they make cute fashions for our four legged friend. They have many different designs, you don’t need to worry, you are sure to find one for your friends ! We’ve made book fold woven labels for them (which are also called hem tags) and they look great on the product and easily show the brand 🙂

Brand/designer  Little Spoon & co
Product we’ve made for this brand book fold woven labels (hem tags)
Instagram littlespoonandco