How to make embroidered patches – The basics

Custom Embroidered Patches

Delightfully retro, these embroidered patches are ready to stitch some life into your designs. Simply upload your design and we can help you format it into a threaded creation.

We know. The possibility of bringing your logo or artwork into tactile life is thrilling.

Still, you might be asking yourself what sets embroidered patches apart from the rest? How are they different from woven patches? And…

Are they the right patches for my project?

Not to worry. We’ll go into more detail.

Embroidered Patches – Creatively Crafted

Here, the design is not printed onto the patch. Instead, it is sewn onto the backing!

Using a wide array of thin, colorful threads we stitch them into a fabric backing. When complete, the loose threads and bare fabric are transformed. This is the essence of embroidery. If you’ve ever attempted it at home, you know just how challenging and intricate it can be.

Because of the precision required, embroidery is still a valued art form. Even after so many changes in textiles and fashion, this little touch of whimsy has withstood the test of time.

Applying modern techniques to this ancient art, embroidered patches timelessly capture your designs. These patches can then be stitched onto hats, jackets, book bags, and just about anything with a fabric surface.

With such versatility, they are an ideal, detailed addition to just about any project or promotion. Offering so much delight, embroidered patches can liven up a gift bag or rewards package. Which is why some are choosing to include them for patrons of crowdsourcing campaigns like Kickstarter.

Things to Consider

If you don’t sew or don’t have the time for it, you needn’t fear. We’ve considered this and don’t want you to miss out on these extraordinary embroidered patches. Which is why some come available with an iron on backing. What could be simpler?

Still, embroidered patches are not without drawbacks. After all, nobody’s perfect.

Since the design isn’t printed or woven, it can have a cluttered appearance if it’s been asked to do too much. To adjust for this, we don’t limit how many colors you can choose from, but how many you can use on a single patch. This helps to prevent the embroidery from looking overworked or messy.

If your image is overwhelmed with detail then we would recommend looking at some of our woven patches. Constructed of fabric, they can offer that tactile flourish with a touch more clarity.

Pricing on our embroidered patches will vary by intricacy, backing, production runs, and other variables.

To help clarify your variety of options, we have included a guide below.

Embroidered Patches Possibilities

Backing Types Available:

  • Classic Sew-on: These are classic sew-on embroidered patches which can be stitched onto just about any fabric.
  • Iron-On – We apply a special adhesive backing to these embroidered patches. With minimal prep-work, you can iron-on your customized creations to just about any fabric surface.
  • Velcro – That’s right! We can even craft embroidered patches with Velcro backing. Please contact us for further details on this exciting option. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Design – Simply upload your logo or other artistic design and we will help to format it for our embroidered patches.
  • Crafted with 100% woven fabric and delicately embroidered threads. Special backings are available to suit your adherence requirements.
  • Color Range – Up to 6 colors can be used in your embroidered patch design, including the background color. This can accommodate most brand logos and promotional art.
  • Versatility – Embroidered patches can be applied to just about any fabric item including: Scarves, hats, shirts, jeans, bags, jackets and a variety of other clothing and accessories.
  • Sizing Options – To simplify matters most embroidered patches are custom crafted in the same sizing: Width: 10mm – 50 mm; Height: 10mm – 50mm
    • Please note that custom sizing can be accommodated but we will need further details before we can give a price estimate. Please contact us directly. We will work to get you an accurate estimate in a timely manner.

Other Things to Consider:

  • Delivery Turn-Time – We’re dedicated to delivering your custom creations as expediently as possible. However, we require time to craft your creations. So, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Don’t worry. Your custom crafted embroidered patches will arrive before you know it. Still, we appreciate your understanding.
  • Color Matching – Since the color spectrum is infinitely varied, making an exact color match is not always possible. Still, we will do our utmost to find the perfect hue, but please understand there might be some variation.
    • Remember: Color can appear different on a screen or monitor. This is sometimes the cause of color variation in the final product. Some of this can be avoided by using the Pantone system, which assigns a code for each color variation. For best results, please use the Pantone code when purchasing.
  • Sales Policy – Of course, we want all our customers to come away happy. So, we will do our best to address issues that might come up. However, due to the customized nature of the products; all sales are final. Since orders are personalized, we cannot accept returns, reprints or refund due to color problems. This includes issues, which stem from a customer’s input error, such as: Typos, incorrect color selection or errors regarding the layout.

We appreciate your understanding regarding this. To avoid issues, please contact us with any questions.

Thank you so much for considering our customized embroidered patches. We, at, look forward to helping you bring your designs to life.

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