Soft enamel pins are an exciting way for you to design your own pins to meet your needs. Soft enamel pins have recessed enamel below the metal die line, which achieves a ‘bumpy’ feel; you can feel the lines in the pin. Enamel pins are a great way to customize your outfit; you can easily attach them to various garments such as hats and jackets. You can also use them to make your possessions easily identifiable, for example bags and pencil cases. They make a great statement because your design can be anything; an image, a cartoon, a saying or a word. The options are endless! When you design your own pin you are able to choose many of the elements that go into your pin design, which can get a bit overwhelming if this is a new process for you. Here we explain everything you need to know when designing your own custom soft enamel pins:

COLOURS: Most company will use a Pantone colour scheme, so it would be great if you already know the Pantone colours you want for your pin. However if not don’t worry, just tell them the colour you are wanting and they will help you out. The good manufacture have a huge rage of available colours so you will be able to achieve the look you are hoping for. Please be aware that faded colours are not available in our soft enamel pins so make sure your design contains only solid colours! There might be a slightly bias of the colors, but it will be 95% + match in most case !

LINES: It is very important that your design has clear lines so that the colours are easily identifiable. This will ensure your pin design looks clear and professional. The best visual results occur when the lines are at least 0.3mm (recommend 0.5mm) so please keep this in mind when you send us your line measurements in your design. Sufficient space must be left between lines to allow enough room for the coloured enamel to set.

SIMPLICITY: If your design is too complicated it will take more time to produce your pins and the result may not look as clear as you want it to. Please keep your design as simple as possible so we can create beautiful pins for you that are exactly like your design. If we receive a design that is too complicated we may have to simplify it for you, so please try and create your original design with these guidelines in mind. The simpler your design is, the faster we can make your pins for you!

TIME FRAME: Please be aware that it takes time for us to produce your pins. Once we have received payment and checked that your design works we will make your pins as fast as possible, however we appreciate your patience.

Why not get COZY 🙂 If you have read through our tips and have any further questions regarding the design process for your custom soft enamel pins, please contact us and we will happily help you!

The lovely pins on the image is from Pretty Candy Pin Co., Check them out on ETSY now.

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