Name woven labels

Labels that with extra seam allowances on sides; Scroll down for detail
This custom order is usually dispatched in 7-14 working days

  • If your labels is over 50mm, please contact us for quote

    If your labels is over 50mm, please contact us for quote

    • (max file size 128 MB)

    for more precise color, we recommend enter the pantone color code or we will pick the closest colors for you (maximum 5 colors incl. background)

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Name woven labels labels are exactly the same as other type of woven labels but they are designed with your name (or your kids’ name 🙂 They are not limited with text only but with any design and colours!!

All name woven labels will be folded as end fold labels, this fold proved smoother edges for the labels.

Although size is custom, here is 3 common sizing that used for name labels
– 12mm x 50mm (for 1 text line)
– 15mm x 50mm (for 2 text lines)
– 20mm x 50mm (for 2 text lines)

End fold labels are the clothing labels that with extra 7mm seam allowance on both left and right (or top and bottom depending your design) which eliminate the corner.
– Finish: the fold creates clean and elegant finish
– Where to sew: neck, back, collar, bottom or exterior of the clothing and products

– How to sew : sewn on both left and right side directly
– Custom shape : No, only rectangualr or square shape
– Tips:  make sure do not put too much information on a small labels, this may cause the logo and text not showing clearly
*Seam allowance is the extra thin layer on the labels, it is not supposed to be sewn and not recommend to be sewn as it might not able too attached on the fabric securely after sewing.

Check here if you struggling on different types of labels or here if you need some help for labels design

Order information
– Upload your own artwork
– 100% woven
– maximum 5 colors (incl. background), for more colors contact us directly for quote
– width: 10mm – 50mm ; height: 10mm – 50mm ( For any size that is larger or smaller than this range, please contact us directly for detail, cost will be different)

Please note:
– As orders are personalized, all orders are final sales and do not accept return, reprints or refunds due to color problems or any customer’s input error, such as typo, color, and layout.
– Allow 2-3 weeks for production (Remember, they are custom made 🙂 !! )
– We will try our best to match the closest color of your choice but please understand we do not guarantee 100% exact color match. Color can be shown differently on different screen display. (So it would be great to enter the pantone code when purchasing)


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