Enamel Pins: What are These Whimsical Things?

For years, artisans have used enamel to craft inexpensive yet eye-catching creations. From jewelry to mementos, it’s been a go-to material for ages. Seriously, folks have been using it for centuries.

Without diving into a history lesson, let’s look at why…


Enamel pins offer an artistic, tangible way to promote your brand, event, or community. They become wearable mementos for concerts, sports teams, travel souvenirs, professional or social societies, and more. Or, they can simply serve as a fashion accessory. 

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”Enamel pin popularity is growing. We’re thrilled to help you make your design a reality.”

Pick a color! Any color!


Let’s face it. What we really want are options. That’s what makes enamel such a great material. Select any pigment you like and it can be combined with the enamel. Even metallic colors!

With so many options, your deign choices are limitless. Which makes it perfect for logos, accessories or just artistic decorations. So, it should come as no surprise that we decided to incorporate enamel into our offerings.

By adding colorful enamel to customized pins, we can bring your vision to life. Let’s go through some of the options so you can start designing.

Beyond Palettes


We’ve been delving into how attention grabbing these little pins can be. Now, let’s dive deeper into some of their many uses.

Enamel pins offer an artistic, tangible way to promote your brand, event, or community. They become wearable mementos for concerts, sports teams, travel souvenirs, professional or social societies, and more. Or, they can simply serve as a fashion accessory.

Since we know how important versatility is, we made sure to give you options. From the type of finish, backing, packaging and more, we can get you ready for that next commemorative moment.

First, let’s talk about the enamel type. We have a couple to choose from.


First, you might be wondering what we mean by ‘hard’ enamel and ‘soft’ enamel. It’s okay if you don’t immediately know the difference. We’ll clarify by diving a little deeper…

When we say ‘hard’ enamel, we are referring to the top-coat, which is applied once the pin is completed. Enamel can be a bit soft and does not always cure flush with metal plating.

So, this glossy finish is added to fill those spaces and further protect the enamel. The result is a smooth, durable enamel pin which feels slick to the touch.

For a professional, well-finished pin, hard enamel is a great option.


Soft doesn’t mean flimsy but it can mean savings.

That glossy top-coat is lovely but maybe it’s not as important to you. Perhaps you want a more affordable option and are looking for a place to shave costs.

Eliminating that top surface coating is a great way to save on costs. With that extra finish, the enamel will be slightly softer. You’ll also get that rich feel of the plating since it isn’t sealed off.

If you want budget-friendly pins, soft enamel is the way to go.  Our soft enamel pins can add an extra level of tactile sensation. So, you needn’t feel like you are sacrificing with your savings.


We’ve already mentioned plating but let’s explore it further…

The plating is the surface of the base of your pin. It’s where we apply the enamel and how we form the outlines of you design. This is also what attaches to the backing.

Since customization is so important to us, we wouldn’t leave you in the lurch, here. With more than 10 plating options, you’re certain to find the material that best suits your design.

Maybe you want to use copper, for a vintage look. Perhaps something more unexpected is in order. Our black plating can accommodate many modern designs.

If you’re look for something elegant, or even ethereal, then consider using a gold or silver plating.

Whatever your motif, we’ve got a plating option to suit it. Your only limit is the bounds of your own imagination. Just take a look.


Flexible Packaging

So, you’ve got your pin all designed. You’ve chosen the artwork, the pigments, and the other components with great care. There’s one final step.

The presentation, of course!

You can’t just hand out loose pins to people. It’s recipe for disaster.

To solve this problem, we package each pin in individual poly bags. This inexpensive solution also acts as a display for your customized enamel pins.

Through the clear poly bag your recipients can immediately see their new, colorful pin.

As always, we provide options to choose from.


The first option is probably our favorite.

Attaching the pin to a backing card we then place the card and pin into the clear poly bag. Your logo or artwork can be printed on the backing card, adding that extra bit of panache.

Through the poly bag, your colorful pin and backing card are easily viewable to the recipient. It’s a delightful presentation for a pin you’ve taken such care to customize.

However, if you’re looking to shave some costs, we have another option for you.

Without the backing card, your custom enamel pin can still be package in the clear poly bag. While not as eye-catching, the packaging will still be professional and easy to organize.

Interested in custom packaging? Of course, you are! Let’s talk design.


We’ve already delved into some technical terms here and we didn’t want to leave anything muddled.

So, let’s talk backing…

The fixing, or backing, is the clasp which holds each pin in place. Without this it wouldn’t be much of a pin.

As always, we have plenty of great ways to customize.

Whether you need to match it to the plating or just it doesn’t snag fabric, we have a selection for you.

Choose from a wide array of options to meet your product needs. We offer the traditional butterfly clasp, rubber backings, magnetic fixings, and more..


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