woven labels or printed labels – when should I use?

Although both of them are clothing labels, you may struggling to choose woven labels or printed labels for your clothing and products. As there are different features and characteristics between both labels, they may suited for certain types of product than others. Here is the little guide outlining when should use printed and woven labels.  Printed labels is best suit for products or clothing that need many information which means they are mostly used as care labels. Information such as … Read More

How to order clothing labels from a manufacture or company

To avoid replying the message forth and back. It is important to make sure you are given the detail information as much as possible to the company when ordering woven labels. Some companies may still asking customers to send them the basic information for quote. In such case, the detailed information plays a important role for the communication. Here is the basic information that almost every companies are need for ordering your clothing labels. Artwork This is the most important … Read More

Clothing labels shop review

If you are looking for clothing label sites for ordering you labels and not sure where to start, this post will help you get some idea about some clothing label online shop. Prices are vary from site to site, the more you order, the cheaper it will be. Most of the sites are still need quoting. One disadvantage about quoting is customer may need to contact the customers services forth and back to get everything correct whereas the direct order only … Read More

a guide to design clothing labels and woven labels

What you need to know before designing clothing labels or woven labels. Showing your work to the world is exciting! After designing your own garments you may want to add a special touch of class to your clothes. However, how exactly can you achieve this? Here is a quick guide to help you design your first ever clothing labels for your brand. Top Tips to Design Great Clothing Labels Know the basics – Types of labels and their textures Woven … Read More

Why Are Branded Labels So Important for Your Product?

Why Are Branded Labels So Important for Your Product? You’ve designed a beautiful range for your start-up business. Your items look fantastic, and you’re confident that your target audience will love them. So why do you need to bother with branded labels? After all, the quality of your products speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Of course, you can market your products without branded labels, but in doing so, you’ll be missing out on a number of great benefits for your … Read More

Woven labels, printed labels and heat press – Which One is Best for Your products?

If you’re getting ready to launch your clothing range, you’ll know that there’s a lot to consider before your shop officially opens its doors to the general public. Sometimes, it’s difficult knowing where to start! In addition to everything else, you’ll need to think carefully about what labels you use in your clothing. There’s a bewildering array of labels available – so how can you tell which clothing label is best suited to your needs? Different Types of Clothing Labels There are a vast number … Read More