How to Make Your Own Iron on Patches

The design possibilities are limitless with iron-on patches. Try these tips and tricks to make your own iron patches at home. Have you heard? The nineties are back! Fashion is taking inspiration from our strange but colorful 90’s choices. One of the top trends on the 90s list? Patches! They’re so colorful and versatile, we’re seeing them on everything from shoes to coats. Unfortunately, anything pre-adorned with patches is expensive. Don’t let that keep you from participating in the patchwork … Read More

How to Iron on Patches to Clothes (and Backpacks!)

Whether you’ve decided to design a patch for your team’s uniform or just a label for your line of clothing, you’re going to either have to learn how to iron on patches or sew them on. This holds true for both embroidered patches, the kind with raised surfaces, or woven patches which are flat and have a more intricate type of design. No matter what kind of patch or label you decide on, you have the option of an iron-on backing, … Read More

15 Funny Pins That’ll Make You Laugh

Enamel pins may be small, but you can say a lot with one tiny accessory. The pin industry is extensive. So if you’ve got a funny idea, there’s bound to be a customer who will laugh so hard they’ll have to buy one. These funny pins have got us laughing out loud. From funky cartoon animals to sarcastic imaginary club memberships, you won’t want to miss out on these clever designs. 01. Official Bureau of Absolutely Nothing by Josh Lafayette … Read More

50 enamel pins to inspire your next project

0 enamel pins to inspire your next project

In the pin world, the design possibilities are endless. If you’re obsessed you’re your pin plan, then chances are, someone else will be too. Whatever category or target market you’re hoping to approach, these ideas will get the wheels turning. From nature-themed pins to social activism and cult classics, here are 50 creative enamel pins that are sure to inspire you to design more.   The Natural World 01.Red Octopus Enamel Pin by Oh Plesiosaur This intelligent, magnificent sea creature … Read More

How to make Enamel Pins: All you need to know to get started

ENAMEL PINS WIN YOUR FREE PERSONALISED PINS TODAY (END SOON) Enamel pins are having a moment. Also known as lapel pins, enamel pins are tiny, metallic accessories that, when well designed, become individual statement pieces. Although lapel pins have long been associated with professional organizations and politics (you’ve probably seen the ubiquitous flag pin on a candidate once or twice), they certainly aren’t restricted to the lapel. Attach them to backpacks, jean jackets, or lanyards. Use them to promote a … Read More


Embroidered patches are one of our most versatile products; they are used not only by a variety of clubs for uniforms and special occasions, but also by individuals wanting to create unique items. Choosing the thread count for your custom embroidered patches can be overwhelming and confusing if you don’t know the difference between a thread count of 75% and a thread count of 100%. At wovenlabelhk you will be getting the best possible quality and value for your money … Read More