“I founded ANTIPASTEL to express what was in my head in a wearable way. The products have always had a way of creating themselves as a result of that. I want to brighten the world, one illustration at a time.” – Michaela Stone, Founder/Designer/All-Round-General-‘Er’, ANTIPASTEL

ANTIPASTEL jewellery, accessories, and more are all handmade in Sydney, Australia. And each original design is influenced by Australia’s culture of fun.

We’re thrilled to make the vibrant flat labels for each product in ANTIPASTEL’s line of wraps, lunch bags, and more. The vibrant, fun designs offer a burst of color that is sure to put a smile on your face. With recognizeable flat labels that complement the brand’s color scheme, each product is easily identifiable and designed to make a statement.

Brand/designer Anti Pastel
Product we’ve made for this brand flat labels
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