Anna Blue Musik

“Emo, Punk or Gothic have always been equally represented in her music collection. But there always is that emphasis on true feelings and expressive lyrics. It is just this distinction in her thinking, her direct lyrics and her vivid songwriting that make up Anna’s style.” – Anna Blue Musik

Anna Blue is a popular emo pop artist with a strong following. She started writing songs at age 12, and she continues to write and sing today. Anna Blue is based in Germany, just like the accessories and artwork shop, Anna Blue Musik.

Anna Blue Musik is a Berlin-based store that offers key chains, pins, apparel, bags, and more to Anna Blue fans. We manufactured their detailed enamel pins and embroidered patches so that Anna Blue fans can accessorize anywhere they go. Just as Anna Blue’s music is expressive and striking for her listeners, the enamel pins, patches, and other creative pieces from the online shop speak volumes in their color, designs, and overall artwork.

Brand/designer Anna Blue
Product we’ve made for this brand Hard Enamel Pins
Instagram annabluemusik